Spruce Lane Visits: Wax + Wine

Wax + Wine
Neighborhood: Washington Square West, Philadelphia
Vibe: Elegant, creative, welcoming
Good for: Candle making, DIY lovers, parties, team bonding activities, hanging out

Calling all DIY-lovers and candle enthusiasts! I am excited to introduce you to Wax + Wine, a new candle making studio and BYOB located in Philadelphia’s Washington Square West neighborhood that is perfect for special events, team building experiences, or simply just hanging out with friends. Wax + Wine’s motto is to “lighten up life”, which is very brightly displayed through the neon sign hanging above its candle bar. The reasoning behind lighten up life is not only a play off of the act of burning a candle, but also evokes the deeper meaning of Wax + Wine being a place where you can kick back, relax and have fun.


The ambiance of the studio feels uber chic and almost restaurant-like, with a bar and tables not for eating but instead for candle making, and maybe a drink if you opt for bringing your own booze. The process of creating a candle at Wax + Wine is very personalized and also very efficient and easy to understand, which is great for a candle making novice like myself. You begin by visiting the “scent cellar” which beautifully displays over 75 different scents that are broken into categories like fruity, earthy, or floral. You can smell as many scents as you’d like before selecting your two scent options per candle. Next, you choose from Wax + Wine’s assortment of vessels for your candle, some are sleek and simple while others are more ornate and decorative. Once you’ve made all of your choices, you stroll to the candle bar where the Wax + Wine staff can show you how to expertly mix your scented oils and pour the wax to make the perfect creation. The building process takes about 30-45 minutes, while the cooling process takes a bit longer (around 2 hours). You have the option to peruse the beautiful surrounding Wash Square West neighborhood, or come back within 30 days to pick up your candle(s). Pricing is based on how many candles you make and how long you reserve seating for and ranges from $30-50. A discount on retail items also comes with the different tiered prices. 

Speaking of retail, if candle making is not for you and you prefer to buy your candles already assembled, you also have the option to shop from Wax + Wine’s pre-made assortments as well as their higher end candles and accessories that are beautifully displayed throughout the boutique. 


Like many of my Spruce Lane finds, I learned of Wax + Wine through Instagram. I thought the concept was really interesting and was lucky enough to attend the soft opening press party where I heard father and son founders, Jordan and Alan Beletz’s inspiring story. The Beletz’s are originally from the Philadelphia area, however Jordan had been living in Los Angeles selling power tools prior to launching Wax + Wine. He had always wanted to run his own business and took note of how the DIY x BYOB model was taking off in LA, through the likes of Painting With A Twist and other similar businesses. Candle making however, seemed like an untapped treasure for the Philadelphia market. Within a few months, he took the leap of faith and left his job to move back to Philadelphia to begin his new venture with his father. His father, Alan, simultaneously was ready to start a new project and enter a new phase in his career by partnering with his son. Hearing them tell this story in person, I could feel the energy and passion they have for this creation and felt very inspired! Even starting Spruce Lane felt like somewhat of a leap for me, as it is completely my own and the success of it hinges solely on my efforts. It’s not easy to jump into the unknown of starting a new business, so I applaud Jordan and his father for fearlessly doing so and putting so much dedication into it.

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As I was wrapping up my shoot, a young woman and her parents walked into the store. She coyly asked, “I live around here and just wanted to know what Wax + Wine is and how it works?”. Jordan and his staff warmly welcomed her and began to explain their process. I knew that was my cue to leave, so I walked out feeling happy for them as they continue to grow their business.

New ideas in the pipeline for Wax + Wine include collaborations for special events and programs with other local businesses such as wineries and yoga studios. For all store info and event updates, follow them on Instagram, at @waxnwine.

Shine bright like a candle!