Spruce Lane Shops: Voloshin

Neighborhood: Kensington, PA
Vibe: Bohemian, natural, chic, feminine
Good for: Womenswear, easy dressing, fun prints, natural textiles

Discover Voloshin, a luxury womenswear brand based in Philadelphia’s Kensington Neighborhood that is known for its effortlessly chic aesthetic and high quality apparel. The interior photos also might look somewhat familiar, because their studio is based in the same building as Plume and Thread, another fantastic local brand that I covered a few months back this spring. Prior to my visit, Voloshin had been on my radar as the brand is carried in many of my favorite local shops; a few to name include Kin, Vagabond, Vestige, Moon & Arrow, and Harvey Oak Mercantile. Pretty impressive lineup, if I don’t say so myself!

The brand's founder, Amy Voloshin, is one very talented lady. Her early career began in design at Urban Outfitters and Free People, which was followed by the development of her highly successful print design business, Printfresh Studio. With an innate love for creativity as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, Amy took the plunge and simultaneously launched two more brands, printfresh (the label) and Voloshin in 2017. Printfresh is a stationery brand known for playing with fun textiles and prints to form durable notebooks, desk pads, and other small items. As Amy describes it, it reads more "fashion" than it does paper. And I LOVE that! Because really, no one else has seemed to successfully find her unique balance of style, whimsy and sophistication when it comes to paper products. I have a copper metallic tablet in my house and love it's simple elegance. In terms of inspiration, Amy said she hadn’t come across a notebook she truly loved, so she wanted to create one for herself. It was that simple. With the will, skill, and determination, you can leverage those creative juices and make something for yourself, and that’s exactly what Amy has done with both of her brands.


As I toured the studios, which are actually managed in tandem with her husband Leo, I learned more about Amy’s business evolution. Downstairs is home to Printfresh Studio, and what I would describe as a creative’s labyrinth. Seen here are multiple desk stations where artists ideate new prints, as well as racks on racks on racks of prints and vintage pieces that inspire fashion designers from the likes of New York, Los Angeles, and more.


We walked upstairs (past Amy and Leo’s gorgeous office space - I'll get to that later) to Voloshin’s showroom where I was able to peek at the brand’s latest collection: Pre Fall 2018. The collection was gorgeous and demonstrated Voloshin's simple sophistication to a tee. Wrap dresses with chalky reds, olive greens, and navy prints were intertwined with striped tanks and trousers that all paired perfectly! I couldn’t help but remark at how much I loved the colors and patterns and Amy replied stating, “there is an art in finding the balance of designing a cohesive collection that doesn't feel too matchy-matchy”. Well, she definitely hit the head on the nail with this one!


The inspiration behind the collection comes from the idea of a young woman with an affinity for Chinoiserie and Japanese Textiles. It draws from Victorian fabrics and details, mixed with touches of Japanese antiques and ephemera. The fabrics are unique and natural, including cotton-linen blends, a cotton double gauze, and the use of special block printing techniques to add flair to simpler and more modest materials.

I obviously loved the show-stopper Kazuko Linen Wrap Dress, but other more subtle pieces caught my eye as well, including the Setsuko Maxi Slip Dress, the Jovita Dress, and the Kyouko Paper Bag Palazzo Pant. They serve as perfect staple pieces for those transitional months from summer into fall.

DSC_0004 2.jpg

As my visit was wrapping up, I asked Amy if it was OK to photograph her and Leo’s office, mainly because it was what I like to call "interior design GOALS". The space could not be more stylish and is a nice reflection of the creative pair that they are. The textured carpet, touches of plant life, statement light fixtures, and sprawling desks all added up to a perfect professional (yet creative) setting. If only I could trade my office desk for a setup like that! I must say that the studio as a whole (that encompasses both Voloshin and Printfresh) is very impressive. The exposed brick coupled with the modern lighting, vintage textiles and upholstery, and sweeping views of the city were all a real treat. 


Prior to leaving, I observed the shipping area and briefly inquired about Voloshin’s manufacturing process. Amy proudly explained how everything is ethically made in India, emphasizing how every stigma and assumption she once carried about overseas production was shattered after witnessing her factory's positive environment. I'd say that really was the cherry on top to learning about this fantastic brand and all it has to offer. 


To conclude, I find myself reflecting about how one of my main objectives of Spruce Lane is to become a credible platform of discovery for local brands, purveyors and artisans. Voloshin couldn't be a better example of that and I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to get an insider's tour of Amy's incredible talent! 

As I mentioned, you can shop Voloshin in many different ways. Shop locally here in Philadelphia or at other top stockists across the country! You also can find say hello to them at numerous local pop up shops, flea markets and design festivals, or to make it easy on yourself, simply visit their website and give them a follow on Instagram at @voloshin

Keep on shoppin'!