Spruce Lane Loves: Top 4 Christmas Picks

This year, my family and I made it a priority to do the bulk of our Christmas shopping at local boutiques as opposed to larger chain stores. There is something to be said about receiving a special item from a unique place that cannot be found or duplicated anywhere else, which was a big part of why I wanted to start Spruce Lane.

Just because Christmas is over, doesn't mean the shopping has to end! If you were like me, you might've received one or two items that weren't quite right and need to be returned, creating the wonderful opportunity to find something new, just for you! With that being said, if you're still in search of something special, have a look below to see my top picks from this year's Christmas shopping.

1. Cash and Clive Script Alphabet Bracelet (Cape May, NJ)


As I mentioned in my previous Cash and Clive post, my family rented a beach house in Cape May for the month of December, so we had a lot of time to peruse the shopping scene down the shore during the off (although still busy) season. My sister gifted me this beautiful gold initial bracelet from Cash and Clive for my birthday that I haven't taken off since. I am very particular when it comes to jewerly and rarely change up my routines. I prefer simple, classic silhouettes; no costume jewels here. I may rock the occasional statement earring during a special event, but that's it! So I was delighted to receive this delicate and personalized piece from Cash and Clive! It's so lightweight that you forget you're even wearing it, but it adds an elegant touch to any outfit. Shop the item here now! 

2. TROVE General Store Red Wing Clara Booties (Paoli, PA)


These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do! Before I get into detail, I have to admit that these were partially a self-purchase from Trove and not entirely gifted to me. I was on the search for a good neutral heeled bootie for months (no exaggeration) and had no luck. I had ordered multiple pairs online, just to return them immediately due to some malfunction or deformity. When I came across these beauties in person at Trove, I couldn't pass them up. They are 100% leather and meant to last for many, many years. They pair perfectly with denim and come in a beautiful olive hue that can be worn year round. They cost a pretty penny, but definitely are a worthy investment piece in my eyes!

3. Beach Plum Farm Hand-painted Measuring Spoons (Cape May, NJ)


These measuring spoons were gifted to me by my mother, and came from the beautiful Beach Plum Farm in Cape May, NJ. I was very surprised to receive them, as I hadn't really been looking for any cooking-related items this season, although I do love to bake and cook very much. As soon as I opened them, she told me they were special because they were hand-painted and only could be hand washed. I love them, not only because they're incredibly beautiful, but because there is sentiment behind them. I will hold on to these for as long as I can, and every time I cook or bake, I will think of my mother because she gave me this special gift. Those kinds of unique, unexpected gifts, are the best kinds of gifts. Beach Plum does not have an e-commerce shop, but visit their website here to learn more about the Farm and how you can plan your next visit. 

4. Waltzing Matilda Small Leather Portfolio (Wayne, PA)

Image courtesy of Waltzing Matilda USA

Image courtesy of Waltzing Matilda USA

I didn't actually receive this item, but it's on my list of things I would like to explore given that I have some "return funds" allotted for one more special item! Waltzing Matilda is a super cute local boutique situated in Wayne, PA that specializes in local, handmade leather goods. There is something about this piece that is simple, sophisticated, and warm. I would love to have a piece like this with me at work to brighten up my day. I would appreciate having something that reflects quality craftsmanship in my day-to-day routines (and it would sure beat my old Kate Spade notebook that is looking a bit worse for wear lately!) Also, that is why a leather notepad would be great, because over time it would break in as opposed to break down! Shop this item and plenty of more awesome leather goods on WM's site here.

Lastly, not a gift but always a great touch - roses! Beat the winter doldrums by keeping live flowers in your living space this season. My family gave these to me on my birthday, and they made me so happy! A pop of color can go a long way.


Happy Shopping.

Spruce Lane Shops: TROVE General Store

TROVE General Store
Neighborhood: Paoli, PA
Vibe: Farmhouse Chic, American Heritage, Classic, Sophisticated
Good for: Men’s + Women’s apparel, accessories, gifts, home goods


TROVE General Store is quite literally home to a trove of many different treasures, unassumingly located in a small shopping center in Paoli, PA. Keeping in line with the “treasure” theme, this store is certainly a hidden gem of the Main Line, only if you haven’t heard of it yet, of course!

I’ve been a huge supporter of this family-owned business since its inception a few years back simply because the quality of product, atmosphere, and curation is pretty much unparalleled in this part of town. The store primarily spotlights American-made, high quality products, with an extra love and appreciation specifically for local PA-based vendors. You can shop an outstanding portfolio of brands including Woolrich, Levi’s, Filson, Barbour, Dubarry of Ireland, and more, along with rustic-chic housewares, toiletry items for both him and her, and an extensive coffee table book selection that all pertain to the very prevalent American Heritage Lifestyle theme of the store. Lately, some contemporary brands such as BlankNYC have been finding their way into the mix, which is a pleasant and warmly welcomed surprise.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

My family and I visit Trove for almost every birthday, special occasion, you name it, and never leave empty-handed. The beauty of this store is that there really is something for everyone, from my Dad, to my sister, to my boyfriend’s parents, I can always find a gift at this shop that does not disappoint! And I’m really not just saying that, I mean it!

Talk about a one-stop (AMAZING) shop!

Trove does not have an online platform (yet!), so check them out in person at:
19 Paoli Shopping Center
Paoli, PA 19301

And follow them on instagram @trovegeneralstore. Happy shopping!

Image courtesy of @trovegeneralstore

Image courtesy of @trovegeneralstore