Spruce Lane Eats: La Cabra Brewing

La Cabra Brewing
Neighborhood: Berwyn, PA
Vibe: Upscale brewery, industrial-chic, local hang out spot
Good for: Craft beer, lunch and dinner, live music, happy hour, sports viewing, private events


La Cabra Brewing opened in Berwyn in October of 2016 and has made quite a splash in the neighborhood ever since. Prior to their opening, the small string of Main Line neighborhoods surrounding Berwyn had few viable bars for young adults to enjoy. The options that did exist were outdated or were a train ride away towards towns closer to Villanova and St. Joseph's University. 


Having grown up in the Berwyn area, I can say with certainty that the addition of La Cabra was an exciting breath of fresh air for everyone. Why? Because it strikes the right balance between an elevated, yet relaxed environment that serves quality food and drinks. It's accessible to all kinds of crowds; not too much of a dive but not too stuffy to the point that you don't feel welcome. Perhaps the best part of all though, is that it's more than just your average bar. It's a local brewpub that produces all of its beers on premise, and I can say from first hand experience that it's good stuff. 

The space itself is quite impressive in size. The downstairs features a large bar with flat screen TVs and seating for lunch and dinner, which fills up quickly on peak nights and weekends. Luckily, there is a beautiful upstairs bar with additional seating, a skylight, stone fire place, and darts so you generally won't have to wait too long for service. I really appreciate this about La Cabra because one of the worst feelings of going to a crowded bar is having to wait in a line that's three people deep just to get one measly drink. You can actually enjoy yourself here. 


Aside from the industrial-chic ambiance (that I love), La Cabra offers a robust beer list of locally made Saisons, IPA's, Lagers, Porters, Ciders and more. My personal favorites are the Saisons because they're on the lighter side but still pack a punch in taste and flavor. If you're not much of a beer person, wine is available here, but no cocktails so I would look elsewhere if you're craving a Manhattan or Cosmo. You can however purchase different size growlers to enjoy the locally made beer at home. From a food perspective, La Cabra's Latin-inspired menu reflects their environment in the sense that it's pub food with an upscale twist. I've ordered the wings, jerk chicken tacos, and chips and guacamole, all of which did not disappoint. 

Lastly, I should touch on the entertainment side of La Cabra that is also unparalleled in this area. Patrons can enjoy a slew of special events and live musical performances from great local bands. Currently they are hosting a Beers and Brackets program for the March Madness tournament, where the winner is treated to a guided brewery tour and tasting for four, a $100 La Cabra Brewing gift card, and a case of La Cabra Brewing's next can release. If I knew anything about college basketball, I would have definitely entered into this but sadly, I don't (sorry if you're reading this, Dad). The upstairs area is also perfectly primed for hosting private events, especially given its beautiful layout and decor. 

When I stopped in for my shoot, I asked one of the staff members, "Why did you all choose Berwyn?". She said that Berwyn is a small town that many people tend to just pass through without much thought, especially with the train being so close in proximity, so La Cabra saw an opportunity to become a new ground for people to gather at. "It's a place that brings us all together", she said, and I couldn't agree more. Since its opening, this has become my go-to bar to meet with friends from high school that I haven't seen in a while, or simply to just grab a drink on a Friday night when I feel like getting out for a bit. The fact that it's a critically-acclaimed brewery that offers quality, locally made beer doesn't hurt either.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Main Line and are in search of a cool, fun place to grab a drink, come to La Cabra. You'll enjoy quick, attentive service, delicious food and drinks, and a fun, contemporary environment. To keep up with all of La Cabra's latest happenings, including new beer releases and special events, give them a follow on Instagram at @lacabrabrewing

Maybe I'll catch you at La Cabra next weekend. Till then, cheers!